Introducing Newlines


Newlines Magazine, published by the Center for Global Policy, is a forum for the best ideas and writing about the Middle East and beyond.

We specialize in long-form essays, including reportage, arguments, and memoirs, which bring together politics, culture, and history.

The Middle East is central to our focus, with an emphasis on voices that have an intimate relationship with the region. But we aim to include work from or about other parts of the world. Our only requirement is thoughtfulness and good prose.

With Newlines, we aspire to create a platform for original writing and thinking about a complex and often misunderstood and caricatured region. We consider the popular Arab uprisings of 2011 and their turbulent aftermath to be pivotal points of modern history.

In the near decade since, we have witnessed extraordinary feats of human courage, dashed revolutionary hopes, genocide, war, and the largest refugees crisis since World War II. As such, we believe that much of the hoary or conventional wisdom about the Middle East is in need of rethinking.

As political, territorial, and philosophical “lines” have shifted, so too does the urgency of a new magazine to interrogate them.

Welcome to Newlines.