Erin Clare Brown

Erin Clare Brown

North Africa Editor

Erin Clare Brown is North Africa Editor at New Lines magazine who has spent over a decade forging the path of what crucial global reporting can be for emerging platforms and new audiences. Erin has been an editor at both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, developing strategic approaches to mobile journalism, and empowering some of the world’s best journalists to make new and innovative work.

As a correspondent and reporter, Erin shot one of the first Snapchat-native documentaries, covered the Russia-Ukraine conflict on Instagram, and seeded investigations on everything from visa fraud to vaccination disparity using open calls on social networks. For the last several years she has been reporting from North Africa, where she covered Tunisia with an eye toward the social impact of the nation’s changing politics, writing in depth on police brutality, ecological mismanagement, and the disappearing middle class for The National, The Fuller Project, BBC and others.

In addition to North Africa, Erin’s reporting often takes her to Ukraine, where she has periodically covered the war since 2014. In 2022 she returned to report on the conflict, including the open-source efforts to help tens of thousands of African students flee the country and the overnight transformation of Moldova’s covid wards into refugee centers.

Erin is also an award-winning podcaster and a three-time IWMF grant awardee, including receiving the inaugural Women Deliver Reporting Grant in 2020 for a series on Tunisia’s #MeToo movement. She is the creator of the podcast “Revolution 1” about the Tunisian uprising, and, despite her passion for all things Tunisian, cannot abide tuna on pizza.

She welcomes stories from across the Maghreb and Sahel, as well as those about the North African diaspora elsewhere.