Growing Up ‘Non-Western’ in Denmark’s Nanny State

Ghetto Kindergartens

In 2018, the Danish government officially designated minority neighborhoods with certain social indicators as “ghettos.” Policies aim to break up ethnic enclaves through redevelopment, evictions, higher criminal penalties — and mandatory day care for children over 1. These may constitute racial discrimination under EU law.

A Mixed Bag for Black Ukraine Refugees

African Refugees of Ukraine

New groups of African organizers began to sprout online to fill the void of useful, often life-saving information that governments, including embassies of many African countries, have failed to fill.

Racism Isn’t a One-Way Street

Racism Isn’t a One-Way Street

A weekly review of news, essays, podcast and more from New Lines. The week of Monday Feb. 28-Friday Mar. 4, 2022.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Holocaust Comment Yields a Wider Learning Moment

Whoopi Goldberg’s Holocaust Comment Yields a Wider Learning Moment

Because many people’s lives depend on overcoming such persistent and deeply entrenched supremacist ideologies that are visible around the world, this moment to learn should not be(come) a wasted opportunity. Clarifying the connection between racialization and dehumanization and acknowledging different manifestations of such oppressive processes in more than one geographic context is essential to understand these intricate relationships.