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Christmas in Britain: Candles for All, God for Some

Candles for All, God for Some

A citizen celebrates and reflects on Christmastime in the United Kingdom. Lydia Wilson, a New Lines editor, takes us through the traditions, rituals, and — increasingly — opportunities for consumerism in the holiday season in her hometown of York. She also ponders whether this season, rooted in and still reflecting religious rituals and traditions, is also now a time of year for all people to come together.

The Saudi Billionaire Who Sought to Join Britain’s Aristocracy

Arise, Sir Mahfouz

Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz's climb up the British social ladder began a decade ago with the purchase of a centuries-old Scottish feudal title that meant he could be legally known as the Baron of Abernethy. The title itself had no real significance, but it may explain why he is referred to as “Lord” Mahfouz on his family company’s website.

On Murdered British MPs

On Murdered British MPs

In the 19th century, despite the aloofness of the ruling class in Britain, politicians were often out among the people. They were public men, unguarded and they occasionally took part in demonstrations and riots. For all that, political murder was uncommon and shocking. In this century, their work has become increasingly dangerous.

James Snell
Keir Starmer Won the War Within Labour. But Can He Win an Election?

Keir Starmer Won the War Within Labour. But Can He Win an Election?

“Post-conference polling, in the middle of a fuel crisis of the government’s own creation, still shows the party several points behind the Tories, and the electorate’s perception of the party’s electoral chances is poor.”

Oz Katerji