The Iron Sheik’s Legacy Was an Orientalist’s Dream

The Darker Side of the Iron Sheik

Vaziri propelled the WWE brand into the stratosphere and realized the American dream, but it came at a price. In order to live that dream, he sowed darkness and exploited the base emotions of Americana: fear and xenophobia

The Parallel Universes of Qatar’s World Cup

A Cup of Many Worlds

Qatar 2022 is best perceived not as an exception from previous World Cups but rather as the quintessence of where we, as a planet, currently stand – stuck in our parallel universes, indescribable to each other.

Newcastle’s Soccer Strife

Newcastle’s Soccer Strife

Yemenis living in England are obsessed with Newcastle football, yet the club’s new Saudi ownership leaves these superfans with mixed feelings, against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Yemen.

Foreign Super Rich Prop Up a Famed Horse-Racing U.K. City

Foreign Super Rich Prop Up a Famed Horse-Racing U.K. City

Still heavily reliant on the racing industry, Newmarket has long served as a playground for the royals, and not just the British sovereigns: The United Arab Emirates’ Maktoum family quietly own swaths of the town — almost half of it, by some accounts