The Refugees Who Stayed in Greece When Everyone Else Moved West

Landing in a Greek Refuge

Demographers tell us that Greece, like many European countries with aging populations and low birth rates, needs people. Yes, we need people, say the demagogues, but not those people. The Muslim refugees whom I met are smart and energetic, ready to contribute to Greek society. Will Greece accept them?

A Sliver of Hope on the Deadly Route to the Canary Islands

A Lighthouse for Migrants

The route from Western Sahara to Spain’s Canary Islands has become the world's deadliest migratory crossing to Europe, mainly due to tighter controls in the Mediterranean. In the departure zones from the Sahara coast, a humanitarian nicknamed Papa Africa, like a lookout, strives to protect the lives of migrants.

How Defining ‘Refugees’ Shapes the Lives of Millions

How Defining ‘Refugees’ Shapes the Lives of Millions

The approach of the U.S. to those who seek asylum within its borders has changed over time, its definitions and rules reshaped by ideologies from racial hierarchy to Cold War anticommunism — with major legal consequences for those affected as well as significant influence on how Americans perceive and welcome them.

The Long Journey North From Guatemala

The Long Journey North From Guatemala

After years of struggling to make ends meet for his family in rural Guatemala, and with poverty and gang violence on the rise, Norvin made a decision: He was going to embark on the migrant trail to the United States. New Lines presents a short film about his journey.