A Controversial Irrigation Canal Is a New Symbol of Hope for Haiti

A Ripple of Hope

An irrigation canal is at the heart of a diplomatic standoff between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. For Haiti, which is beset by gang violence and facing a humanitarian crisis, this is about more than just a canal. It is about a country’s right to exploit its own resources.

Freedom Soup and the Liberation of Haiti

Haiti’s Freedom Soup

Haitian cuisine is “a love story with our history.” Since its independence from France, Haitian cuisine has been infused with African and European influences — but also with the revolutionary heritage that people still hold so dear.

The Death of Haiti’s President Summons Ghosts Old and New

The Death of Haiti’s President Summons Ghosts Old and New

Former Haiti president Moïse is gone, but the system that he was part of and ostensibly was fighting against, made of blood and bone, both predated him and will outlast him.

Haiti’s Dangerous Crossroads

Haiti’s Dangerous Crossroads

A Caribbean nation of 11 million, sharing the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, Haiti has rarely known a period free of political tumult in its 217-year history. But the last year was different.