A New French Film Hints at Unity

A Film Reminds Us of French Unity

The left and right have all but disintegrated in France, and most topics have been pushed aside since the war in Ukraine. It is against this backdrop that Alice Diop’s beautiful and profoundly sociopolitical documentary, “Nous” (We), portrays France with clarity and even-handedness.

Kamel Daoud’s Latest Novel Shows the Power of True Art Over Warmed-Over Cultural Debate

The Secular Magic of Kamel Daoud

The fact that it was the condemnation of Western intellectuals that silenced Daoud and not the Fatwa issued against him by an Islamist cleric in 2015 should give those intellectuals pause.

New Evidence Links a Far-Right French NGO to War Crimes in Syria

New Evidence Links a Far-Right French NGO to War Crimes in Syria

A French registered NGO with ties to France’s military and the political far right appears to have funneled money directly to a pro-Assad Syrian militia accused of committing war crimes, Newlines has learned in an 18-month, multicountry investigation that meets the legal threshold for initiating a legal complaint in France.

Where Laïcité Collides with Islam

Where Laïcité Collides with Islam

Behind the French legal code separating state and religion, and why Emmanuel Macron's attempt to incorporate Islam into it is provoking anger among Muslims.