Foreign Policy

Foreign Aid Was Supposed To Help Nations In Need. It Has Instead Enriched Western Contractors

The Aid-Industrial Complex

USAID and the U.S. private sector have grown together since the agency’s founding, integrating a profit motive in much of USAID’s programming that sustains its longevity. USAID’s reliance on Western contractors has cemented the private sector’s control over development, rendering it almost indistinguishable from the government agency that it serves.

Turkey and Japan are Old Friends. Can They Foster New Beginnings?

Turkey and Japan New Beginnings?

The shipwreck survivors returned home to the Sublime Porte aboard two small Japanese warships, the Kongō and the Hiei. The Ottoman sultan decorated the Japanese sailors who had escorted them on the journey with medals of honor.

People-Driven Policy in the Middle East

People-Driven Policy in the Middle East

A Middle East ruled illegitimately by the criminally violent will always produce security threats to Americans, especially if the U.S. government is seen in the region as consorting with the enemy.