In Ukraine Coverage, the Press May Be Doing Putin’s Work

Is Our Press Doing Putin’s Work for Him?

By now everyone is surely an expert on the mud-freeze theory of warfare or whether bombs-away begins halfway through the bobsleigh or snowboarding competition in Beijing.

In Cracking Jokes, a Satire Publication Takes Aim at Authoritarians’ Grip

A Satire Publication Takes Aim at Authoritarians' Grip

Satire won’t change anyone’s mind, but it might get someone sitting on the fence to consider another perspective. Satire won’t topple thrones, but it will unsettle their occupants. It won’t change rules on freedom of speech (except maybe in the wrong direction), but it will remind people what freedom of speech looks like.

Cairo’s Correspondents

Cairo’s Correspondents

Among the Egyptian exiles who left the country after Abdel Fattah al-Sisi came to power, dozens are journalists and media professionals who were dispersed around the world as Egyptian authorities tightened their control over privately owned media.