‘Mo’ Reveals the Lighter and Darker Sides of the Palestinian Experience in the US

Palestinians in America: A Comic Look

This isn’t just a show about being Arab or Muslim American and caught between two worlds. It is also about a broken immigration system and the unnecessary hardship it causes thousands of people who call the United States home.

Despite Turkey’s Tough Stance, Afghan Refugees Flood In

Turkey cracks down on fleeing Afghans

People smuggling is big business. According to government officials in Van province, 1,262 smugglers have been arrested in the area this year, the majority of them from Turkey. Now there are fears that the situation for Afghan migrants is nearing a tipping point that will make it harder and more dangerous for new arrivals hoping to get to Europe.

A Day in Mohammad’s Life in Sicily

A Day in Mohammad’s Life in Sicily

Around half the workforce employed in Italian agriculture are migrants. They are denied fair wages and exploited by employers. But in addition to this exploitation, workers are stratified by their country of origin and a new racial apartheid has emerged in one of Europe’s largest exporters of fruit and vegetables.

How I Escaped China’s War on Uyghurs

How I Escaped China’s War on Uyghurs

The main targets of these reports are usually apartment renters, people without permanent jobs, and pious Uyghurs including anyone who prays five times a day, grows facial hair or wears the hijab.