Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, Economic Crisis Alters the Taste of Tea

No Longer Sri Lanka’s Cup of Tea

If there is one thing that illustrates the story of the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, it’s milk powder. Integral to the country’s tea culture, it is unaffordable now, forcing locals to find alternatives.

In Sri Lanka, Tamils Are Divided Over the Tigers’ Militant Legacy

The Divisive Legacy of the Tamil Tigers

Every year, Nov. 27 is commemorated as “Maaveerar Naal” or “Heroes Day,” when Tamils in Sri Lanka remember the fallen LTTE cadres. Since the civil war ended in 2009, the day has taken on additional significance. But who gets to be a “hero” is complicated and contested.

Sri Lanka’s Fishers Face a Tangled Future

Sri Lanka’s Fishers Face a Tangled Future

The perilous combination of climate change, pollution and overfishing means that the catches themselves have been dwindling as well. There are fewer commercially viable species like snappers, tuna and prawns in the more shallow waters adjacent to the coast — places that have sustained thriving communities for centuries.