On the Hungarian Border, No Refugee Escapes Violence

Pushed Back on the Edges of the EU

An Algerian woman had first traveled to Turkey, walked across Bulgaria and finally reached Serbia. She hoped to reach France but, along the way, Bulgarian police struck her with batons while they briefly detained her. “If I ever make it to France, I’ll need psychological treatment,” she said.

A First Responder’s Account of a Tragedy in the Mediterranean

The Drowned and the Saved

An encounter with a young survivor after a harrowing tragedy in the Mediterranean prompts a first responder to reflect on the unequal humanization of displaced people.

‘The Swimmers’ Adapts the Mardini Sisters’ Story Into a Feel-Good Film

‘The Swimmers’ Adapts the Mardini Sisters’ Story Into a Feel-Good Film

In the same way the film draws attention to the journey more than 1 million people have taken to seek refuge in Europe, a series that dug further into the contrast between the two swimmers could have shone light on the way humanitarian workers are criminalized and mobilized global solidarity to drop the charges against Sara Mardini.

‘Little Amal’ Fights for Young Refugees

‘Little Amal’ Fights for Young Refugees

The puppet wears a brightly colored skirt but no blouse, revealing the puppeteer inside who stands on stilts while strapped into the wicker frame. This fits into Handspring’s ethos of revealing the manipulator, because if the puppet is being handled well, they say, its manipulators disappear.