How Nomads Changed the World — with Anthony Sattin

How Nomads Changed the World — with Anthony Sattin

“I’ve never met a nomad who wanted to have more, in terms of possessions. But I’ve met an awful lot of people who live in cities who wish they lived more lightly.” Historian and travel writer Anthony Sattin joins New Lines’ Faisal Al Yafai to talk about how nomads changed history — and why their contribution has yet to be fully recognized.

The Story of a Jurist’s Loves in Islamic Spain

A Jurist's Loves in Islamic Spain

For centuries, the Andalusian jurist Ibn Hazm has been best known for his dry, austere Quranic interpretations. Yet there was another side to him, one best displayed in a little-known book he wrote called “The Ring of the Dove.” This side of Ibn Hazm has long puzzled historians, but the motivation behind the book — and the reason for its extraordinary sensitivity — lies in his unusual upbringing among women.