Climate Change

An Eyewitness to the Burning Man Catastrophe That Wasn’t

Witnessing the Burning Man 'Disaster'

This year and last have brought some of the more aberrant weather patterns for Burning Man, which cannot escape the extreme weather of climate change. But depictions of a humanitarian disaster complete with ridiculous rumors on social media of an Ebola outbreak made me think of other disasters, like war and the falsehoods they beckon.

Norway’s Iconic Reindeer Face Challenges Beyond Climate Change

Reindeer in Climate Crosshairs

Climate change poses the greatest risk to reindeer, but in the short run it’s the effects of forestry, mining, wind power and other land users that reduce the quality and access to pastures. Tightening governmental regulations can further restrict such life-giving movement, affecting the reindeer and their Sami herders.

War on a Warming Planet — with Mike Martin

War on a Warming Planet — with Mike Martin

“I think many people are going to get quite desperate over the next 30 years.” Author and former army officer Mike Martin joins New Lines magazine’s Lydia Wilson to talk about what the wars of the future might look like when climate change threatens the future of the planet itself.