In Australia, Song Has Power

Understanding the Dreamtime

Indigenous Australians like Bill store cultural memory, law and survival in the songs that guide every part of life, from marriage and inheritance to knowledge of medicine, hunting and the stars, all contained within an intricate mythology.

An Australian Regiment Is Yet To Answer for Abuses Committed in Afghanistan

Australian War Crimes Unpunished

For years, allegations of war crimes committed in Afghanistan have implicated Australia's elite warriors, including the country’s most decorated veteran. Yet despite an investigation that found “credible evidence” of murder and a threat by the U.S. to suspend defense assistance, the only person facing prison appears to be a whistleblower who exposed the alleged abuses and cover-ups.

The South Pacific Has a Drug Problem

The South Pacific Has a Drug Problem

In the years preceding Volatabu’s journey home, drug traffickers began increasingly using the South Pacific as a gateway to lucrative markets in Australia and New Zealand. Cocaine detections at Australian borders have increased by 447% in the past decade. Smugglers are also trafficking larger quantities each time.