The Strange Amnesia of Lebanon’s Wars — with Joey Ayoub

The Strange Amnesia of Lebanon’s Wars — with Joey Ayoub
At a vigil to mark one month since the huge explosion in Beirut port, on Sept. 4, 2020 / Sam Tarling / Getty Images
We have places in Beirut where we know this was a mass grave. And a hotel was built over it, or a restaurant was built over it, or they made a parking lot out of it. We have those locations; we know where they are. And we’re supposed to essentially pretend that they’re not there.

For this special crossover episode with the podcast “The Fire These Times,” its host, Joey Ayoub, joins New Lines’ Faisal Al Yafai and Lydia Wilson to talk about Lebanon’s civil war, which ended in the 1990s but was never truly resolved. They discuss how the absence of public memorialization has intensified sectarian divides, why there can be no peace without accountability and what Syria can learn from Lebanon’s warning.

Produced by Joshua Martin

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