The UK Uses Targeted Facebook Ads To Deter Migrants. Now Meta Is Releasing the Data

Britain's Facebook Border Wall

Social media platforms have woven sophisticated surveillance and influence technologies directly into the fabric of our day-to-day lives. This is nothing new, as we all know from the ubiquitous ads that most of us have learned to tune out. But what has previously been hidden from sight is that this same technology is now being used by governments, giving them powers they didn’t have before.

AI Hype and Panic Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Pick Your Own Apocalypse

With the recent explosion in Large Language Models like ChatGPT, debates around the perks and perils of AI have become increasingly grandiose. Will it launch a new age of prosperity, or doom us all?

Twitch Deepfake Porn Scandal Is a Sign of Things to Come

Twitch Deepfake Porn Scandal Is a Sign of Things to Come

It is worth contemplating the other aspects of this confounding technology — the invention and proliferation of new ways to harass, assault, violate and victimize. As always, women will bear the brunt of it.