The Double-Edged Sword of Dutch Hit Drama ‘Mocro Maffia’

Shooting the Messenger?

Admirers of the Dutch crime drama “Mocro Maffia” see it as brutally honest and ultimately informative. Its detractors insist it is a sensational take on a topic that should be handled with greater nuance, a wish-fulfilling fantasy exacerbating the societal problems it aims to address.

How Disgruntled Farmers Uprooted Dutch Politics

Dutch Farm of Discontent

More than anything, the Farmer-Citizen Movement has the potential to seriously obstruct the country’s battle against climate change. Even if the party proves willing and able to engage in productive conversation with the political establishment, this won’t change the fact that — ultimately — you cannot fight global warming without also cutting down on agriculture.

Groningers Struggle as Dutch Gas Debate Flares Up

Groningers Struggle as Dutch Gas Debate Flares Up

Residents in this unassuming, agricultural part of the Netherlands are in the political crosshairs of the biggest European crisis in decades. When Russia invaded Ukraine eight months ago, the Dutch government was already reducing gas from its Groningen gas fields. Now there are calls to reopen the taps to bring down gas prices and weaken Vladimir Putin.