The World According to Santa

Miracle on a Montreal Street

Perhaps Santa will make an appearance early next year for Eid. Either way, the answer, I think, is more stories that can bring us all together.

In the Holy Land, Six Christian Faiths Jockey for Power at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

A Fight on the Roof of the Holy Land

Landlord quarrels do not tend to be resolved through the archaic, brute force methods of our ancestors but, in this case, such fistfights seem oddly fitting. This is because the two churches are, in fact, embroiled in perhaps one of the longest-running property disputes in history.

How Christmas Conquered the World

How Christmas Conquered the World

"Growing up, we had an ugly Christmas sweater day at school, and every year I'd force my mom ⁠— my little Muslim mom ⁠— to take me to Walmart or something and buy one. And she was like, ‘This is such a waste of money’ because I don't celebrate it and it's ugly ⁠— but I'd have to; I'd have to do it every year."