The Homeless Asylum-Seekers of Canada

Canada’s Homeless Refugees

It may be only a matter of months before more people seeking a better life find themselves homeless and forgotten in Toronto, shivering on the streets of the world’s most welcoming country.

Rise in Suicides Prompts Punjabi Students in Canada to Mobilize Against Wage Theft

Punjabi Students vs. Wage Theft

Naujawan Support Network, a group of young workers in Ontario, Canada, has been working to address one of the biggest problems plaguing their community — a rise in suicides by international students — and its root cause: exploitation at the workplace, which pushes them into poverty and desperation.

The Suffering of Canada’s Indigenous People

The Suffering of Canada’s Indigenous People

It began when my mother was apprehended and taken to residential school at the age of 7, where she stayed for seven years without once going home. I cannot even imagine all that my Mama lost. How could one know how to parent when all you knew growing up was a concentration camp run by nuns and priests?