Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukraine’s Security Model Should be Turkey

Ukraine Security Has a Model: Turkey

Turkey has maintained economic and diplomatic ties with Russia throughout the war, declining to join Western-imposed sanctions and hosting negotiating teams from both Kyiv and Moscow. It has also hosted admittedly failed peace talks between both sides. Yet Ankara has quietly and not-so-quietly supported Ukraine throughout the war militarily, diplomatically and rhetorically.

In a Kyiv Suburb, Wanton Destruction Amid the Stench of Death

Near Kyiv, the Odor of Death

Bloodstained clothes, shoes (mercifully absent dismembered feet), bits of plumbing, a PJ Mask stuffie, a car seat, and dozens of books and papers. I found a certificate of an eighth-grader, Yulia Lapai, for first place at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad for the English language at her school.

In Ukraine Coverage, the Press May Be Doing Putin’s Work

In Ukraine Coverage, the Press May Be Doing Putin’s Work

By now everyone is surely an expert on the mud-freeze theory of warfare or whether bombs-away begins halfway through the bobsleigh or snowboarding competition in Beijing.