ISIS leader

The Next Islamic State Caliph

The Next Islamic State Caliph

Although the next leader of the Islamic State group has yet to be announced, New Lines has obtained detailed information about the likeliest candidate to replace Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi, who blew himself up on Feb. 3 in an effort to evade U.S. Special Forces as they raided his house in northern Syria. The details we obtained about Sumaidai’s life, never published before, have been gathered from people who knew him personally and from Iraqi authorities.

A Caliph Without a Caliphate: The Biography of ISIS’s New Leader

The Biography of ISIS's Leader

Documents and pictures, made public in English by New Lines for the first time, that indicate Qardash was in fact a leading figure among Iraqi jihadist groups over the past two decades who has steadily worked his way up the security and religious hierarchy within the Islamic State group.