Gaza in a Million Pieces

Among the Drowning

I walk past beds of children in bandages, children with metal rods poking out of tiny legs and arms, children with burns, children with necrotic tissue. Like many others, I watched Gaza’s horror unfold on TV and social media and lacked the words to express it. I am here; I am seeing it for myself. I understand so much more, and yet I find myself even more incapable of articulating the extent of what I am witnessing.

Eid in Idlib

Eid in Idlib

Photojournalist Fared al Mahlool took these photos of Idlib over the eve and morning of Eid. They show that the battered province is a safe haven mainly for men, women, and children, who take the same joy in new clothes, good food, carnival-rides, and candy as we all do. Their smiles are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.