Culture wars

Britain’s Imperial Past Has Become a Battleground in the Culture Wars

The Battle for the Past

For the last decade, the question of who gets to interrogate historical questions, and why they are motivated to do so, has become very fraught in Britain. The topics that have become most central to this controversy are the British Empire, British imperialism, and ideas about race, identity and belonging in the British nation.

Gaza and the End of the Culture War as We Know It

Culture Wars Over Gaza

Wasn’t it the left that pushed for speech codes, deplatforming speakers and canceling events deemed potentially offensive to some groups before the tables turned on Oct. 7? Did they really think that no one would notice the irony?

Putin Brings America’s Culture Wars to Russians

Putin Brings America’s Culture Wars to Russians

Putin’s quest to remake Russia into a piously authoritarian society is fueled by Western ideological tropes. At the same time, Russia advertises itself to fellow reactionaries on the right and left in the West as an “anti-woke” Elysium based on “traditions” that didn’t exist until recently.