A Historical Novel Charts the Inner Life of the Philosopher al-Ghazali

A Sage Brought to Life

Ahmed Vall Dine’s novel “Danishmand” (“The Wise Master”) is not simply a work of historical fiction. By imaginatively documenting the life story of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, one of the most prominent figures in the Islamic intellectual tradition, it allows us to join him on his spiritual quest.

How America’s Philosopher of Democracy Influenced India’s Leading Caste Reformer

Caste, Democracy and Buddhism

Bhimrao Ambedkar helped write the Indian Constitution, campaigned against caste oppression, and remains a household name for many in the country. His democratic vision combined the pragmatist ideas of the American philosopher John Dewey with his novel Navayana or “new vehicle” form of Buddhism.

How Godless Arabs Changed Europe

How Godless Arabs Changed Europe

In the world of Islam, some philosophers went against religion. The secularist ideas that European scholars found in these thinkers’ writings shook both Muslim and Christian theologians.