In Kandahar, It’s a Dangerous Time for Women

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We don’t want our country to be a playing field for games, great or small, by meddling neighbors or distant hegemons. You can instead respect our rights and sovereignty and see us as empowered people capable of helping ourselves, and the people around us, given a chance.

Hope and Fear Alternate as Kandahar Braces for the Taliban’s Return

Afghans in Kandahar Brace for the Taliban’s Return

The few gains made during 20 years of western occupation are at risk as Afghans brace for the Taliban’s return. But persistent insecurity and endemic corruption have left most with a sense of weary fatalism and a desire for peace above all.

After America: Inside the Taliban’s New Emirate

After America: Inside the Taliban’s New Emirate

With just under five months to go until U.S. withdrawal, as Afghans brace for postwar uncertainty, an Afghan journalist visits the Taliban's new emirate in Helmand, the land the U.S. failed to tame.

Fazelminallah Qazizai