India’s Volunteers Picked Up the Slack in the Government’s COVID-19 Response. Now They’re Exhausted

India's Volunteers Picked Up the Slack. Now They're Exhausted

Since the state of India has shirked its responsibilities toward managing our public health, ordinary people have been picking up the slack by doing voluntary relief work, acting as first responders, and searching for medical equipment to make up for shortages. Our volunteer efforts feel like the only way to ensure the survival of our communities.

India’s COVID Nightmare

India’s COVID Nightmare

The pandemic’s second wave in India was merciless. In the first week of May, 2.7 million people were infected and 26,000 died. India’s metropolises became open memorials of death and anguish, the suffering belying cracks in the invincible and messianic image of Modi, who became diminished in his darkest hour.