Podcast: Why I Stopped Writing About Syria

Podcast: Why I Stopped Writing About Syria
Cameraman shoots activities as clashes continue in Syria / Sept. 27, 2014 / Orhan Cicek / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images
“When I left Syria, I did not have any other choice — and it led to me losing a job. Even though I had risked my life doing it, I was let go from that job immediately afterwards, because I lost my value to them.”

Earlier this year, Syrian journalist Asser Khattab stopped writing about Syria. A week ago, in an essay for New Lines Magazine, he explained why — and sparked a much-needed conversation about how international outlets treat the local reporters who make their coverage possible.

In our latest podcast, he and New Lines’ Kareem Shaheen continue that vital conversation, talking about why his employers never let him be a full member of the team; how he realized he would never be given a Syria correspondent job despite his contacts, experience and expertise; and how being granted asylum in France forced him to make a choice between his job and his safety.

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