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Alessio Romenzi

Alessio Romenzi is an award-winning Italian photographer. After moving to Jerusalem in 2009, he covered the wave of revolutions in 2011, mainly focusing on Egypt, Libya and Syria. Along with journalist Francesca Mannocchi he co-directed…

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A Moroccan Cop’s Battle Against Sexual Harassment — Including Her Own

In 2003, a young and ambitious Moroccan woman, Ouahiba Khourchech, became a police officer in El Jadida, where she steadily rose through the ranks to lead the region’s division in charge of violence against women…

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Blurred Lines

In the summer of 2014, the Islamic State released a dramatic video presenting its destruction of a sand berm along the Iraqi-Syrian border as “the end of Sykes-Picot,” a notorious 1916 agreement believed to have…

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Robert Fisk: A Conscience Adrift

I first met Robert Fisk when I was 12 in a chance encounter in 1993 at Smith’s supermarket, on the corner of Sadat and Makdissi streets. The owner, Patrick Smith, loved sharing memories of a…

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